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Posted on April 26, 2014 at 2:17 PM Comments comments (23)
 I have recently seen a post that states I need to drug test my Employees. I do randomly drug test my employees on a regular basis. I have recently and regretfully had to begin the prosecution of an employee . El Camino CC does hire the hard to hire. I had a second chance and so did my wife after unfortunate circumstances. I believe God is a God of Grace .
I do prosecute. I am interested in making a difference in my community and in our quality of life . I am unconventional and an easy target for slanderous comments. I guess my past activities created that, but thank goodness
I live a wholesome family life and give back daily. Obama just gave clemency to the undeserving. I am not Obama but am interested in giving second chances. It is up to the individual to know right from wrong. I have a zero tolerance policy on theft, drug use, disrespect, etc....
Praise God in Heaven for second chances. Shame on those who abuse those chances and take kindness for weakness.