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Unhappy Customers - Happy Customers

Posted on April 26, 2014 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (19)
I, personally, have a dilemma with my day to day operational activities in regards to my customers. It really concerns me that so many people in this Industry are complaint driven. Often it begins with a competitor who slams  your reputation. The problem is that I  have not lived a conventional life always, it is more attractive to discredit us or anyone else to make themselves look better and to take the spyglass off of them. But, I assure you I do more for my clients than most companies ever thought about doing and that will never change. My ultimate goal is the long term success of my clients, not the short term cash influx for our bottom line. We prefer to have long term clients rather than a one time purchaser. We do offer lifetime phone support and I have an open door policy for complaints and any questions you may have regarding business or anything else for that matter.
God Bless everyone and THANK YOU all for all of the prayers for my medical issues!